Braun Outlook Series Battery Replacement

Compatible Battery Replacement for Braun Outlook Series


Technical Specifications

Stock Status
Voltage12 Volt
Capacity4.3 Ah
ChemistryNickel Metal Hydride
Warranty12 Months

Compatible Devices



OEM Part Number


Device Type


Compatible Model(s)

  • B. Braun Outlook 100ES
  •  B. Braun 200ES
  •  B. Braun 300ES
  •  B. Braun 400ES
  •  B. Braun 621-100ES
  •  B. Braun 621-200ES
  •  B. Braun 621-300ES
  •  B. Braun 621-400ES

Cross Reference(s)

  • Alpha Source: AS36320
  • B. Braun > Mcgaw > American Edwards Labs: FZ00435250
  • Interstate Batteries: MED0169, MED2247
  • MKBattery: BMED11678
  • OSI Medical Batteries: OM11678
  • Unipower: B11678

Product Description

The Braun Outlook Series Battery Replacement, provided by R&D Batteries is your solution for ensuring continuous and reliable power for Braun medical devices. Specifically designed for seamless integration with the Braun Outlook Series, this replacement battery offers a dependable and hassle-free power source.

Key Features:

  • Braun Compatibility: Crafted for the B Braun Outlook Series 100ES, 200ES, 300ES, 400ES, 621-100es, 621-200es, 621-300es, 621-400es (FZ00435250) (NiMH Version), this battery replacement guarantees a perfect fit and optimal performance for your Braun devices.
  • Reliable Power Source: Trust in the consistent and uninterrupted power supply provided by the Braun Outlook Series Battery Replacement, ensuring your medical equipment operates seamlessly.
  • R&D Batteries Assurance: Elevate your confidence in the dependability of your Braun medical devices with the Braun Outlook Series Battery Replacement, available through R&D Batteries.

Upgrade your medical device power solution with the Braun Outlook Series Battery Replacement from R&D Batteries.



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