About R&D Batteries

Our Mission

At R&D Batteries Inc., our mission is to power the world of healthcare with excellence. As a family-owned and operated business, we embrace our employees as an extended family, fostering a culture of dedication and expertise. Entering our second generation of ownership, we are committed to expanding our footprint within the battery industry and venturing into new markets.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, we are poised for the future. Our vision includes surpassing industry standards and completing an MDSAP audit in the first quarter of 2024 to provide unparalleled Medical Device Battery support to our valued Canadian customers.

At R&D Batteries, our mission is to empower healthcare professionals by delivering superior battery solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Our Vision

R&D Batteries Inc. envisions a future where our legacy of quality and innovation continues to thrive. As a global leader in the Battery Industry, we are steadfast in our commitment to exceeding OEM specifications. Our journey into the future is marked by a dedication to continuous improvement, expansion into diverse markets, and a move to a new custom-built facility in 2024/2025.

Our vision encompasses a deep-seated belief in family values, both within our organization and in our relationships with clients. R&D Batteries Inc. aspires to be the epitome of innovation, a beacon of reliability, and a driving force in powering the future of healthcare with cutting-edge battery solutions.

Our Values

At R&D Batteries Inc., our unwavering commitment to values drives every aspect of our operations. We prioritize surpassing OEM specifications, ensuring top-tier quality for healthcare partners. Collaborating with industry-leading suppliers, we meticulously research and train before launching new products.

Our pride lies in superior products and unmatched service, with urgency in order fulfillment and fair pricing ingrained in our culture. Guided by our core values—Innovation, Quality, and Service—R&D Batteries Inc. is the trusted choice for premium replacement batteries in healthcare.

Positioned as a key resource, we prioritize customer satisfaction through dedication, honesty, and integrity. Adhering to ISO 13485 standards showcases our continuous commitment to quality management, reinforcing our leadership in powering the healthcare industry.

History of R&D Batteries


Pictured left is Randall Noddings, pictured right is Dick Smith.

"Foundation and Growth" 1989-1992

On February 6th, 1989, R&D Batteries Inc. embarked on its journey in a modest 1,100 square foot warehouse. Forming partnerships with industry giants like Panasonic, Saft, Power-Sonic, Varta, Gates Energy (now Hawker), and GE, our company began with Randy Noddings and his business partner Dick Smith. Rapid expansion necessitated our first move to a 3,500 square foot facility across town by December 1989. Over the next five years, we expanded three times at that same location, reaching a total of 6,000 square feet. During this period, our team grew from 6 to 13 employees, and we released our first catalog, created a state-of-the-art production facility and tripled our warehouse capacity.

"Trade Show Debut and FDA Registration" 1991-1992

In the spring of 1991, R&D Batteries Inc. made its debut at the National AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instumentation) Trade show, marking the beginning of our active participation within the medical industry for the next three decades. In 1992, we achieved a significant milestone by becoming an FDA registered and inspected medical equipment manufacturer, aligning with GMP standards and CFR821 guidelines. This period saw the progression of enhanced production criteria, development of our first injection molded case and on-site plastic thermoforming manufacturing capabilities.


Pictured left is Randall Noddings and Dick Smith at the AAMI trade show, pictured right is a U.S. map pinned with all tracked orders across the country.


Pictured left is the first iteration of R&D's website, pictured right is the Gateway facility.

"Facility Expansions and Web Presence" 1995-1997

In 1995, due to continued growth, R&D Batteries Inc. moved to the 8,000 square foot Gateway facility, expanding three times within 12 years to a total of 12,000 square feet. During this era, our team expanded from 13 to 26 employees. The launch of our first website in 1997 marked our entry into the digital realm, accompanied by partnerships with Energizer, Sanyo, Sonnenschein, Renata, and Evergreen.

"Fedex Partnership and Global Reach" 1999-2000

In 1999, R&D Batteries Inc. forged a strategic partnership with FedEx. A collaboration that not only significantly elevated the levels of service and dependability but also resulted in a notable reduction in the overall cost of shipping, thereby enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the shipping process for our valued customers. By 2000, we shipped our first global order to Europe.


Pictured left is the FedEx Express logo, pictured right is boxes waiting to be picked up by FedEx.


Pictured left is the EnerSys logo, pictured right is the first iteration of R&D private label sealed lead-acid batteries.

"EnerSys Alliance and Private Label Development" 2001-2003

In 2001, R&D Batteries Inc. became a Value-Added Center (VAC) for EnerSys, strengthening our position in the industry. By 2003, we developed our first private-label lead-acid battery, showcasing our commitment to innovation.

"Modern Manufacturing Facility" 2005-2006

In 2005, the need for further expansion led us to break ground on our current owner occupied 15,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility. May 2006 marked our move into this custom-designed, state-of-the-art facility, housing 26 employees. During this time, we continued to enhance our catalog and expanded vendor relations to include the production of proprietary battery products exclusive only through R&D Batteries.


Pictured left is completion of R&D's current facility, pictured right is the production floor boasting 20 individual work stations.


Pictured left is containers of raw material being deliverd to loading docks, pictured right is in-house ultra sonic welders.

"Advancements and Inventory Surge" 2007-2008

In 2007, R&D Batteries Inc. added in-house ultrasonic welding capabilities, reinforcing our commitment to cutting-edge technology. The following year, container loads of raw materials were introduced to meet the demands of enhanced production.

"Awards and Recognition for Battery Excellence" 2009-2012

Between the years 2009 and 2012, R&D Batteries Inc. achieved significant industry recognition, being honored with the prestigious Master Distributor award from VARTA for the eighth consecutive time. Simultaneously, the company received the esteemed Million Dollar Club award from Enersys for the tenth time during this period. Both VARTA and Enersys, renowned leaders in the provision of rechargeable and non-rechargeable cells, played pivotal roles in empowering R&D Batteries Inc. to manufacture the most dependable medical-grade products available in the market. These accolades underscore not only the consistency of R&D Batteries Inc. in meeting and exceeding industry standards but also its enduring commitment to excellence in the field of battery manufacturing for healthcare applications.


Pictured left is VARTA's Master DIstributor Awards, pictured right is Enersys Million Dollar Club awards. 


Pictured left is R&D Batteries Inc. 30 year logo, pictured right is Power-Sonic Million Dollar Award's and Power-Sonic sealed lead-acid batteries.

"Decades of Excellence" 2016-2019

In the noteworthy year of 2016, R&D Batteries Inc. proudly clinched its seventh consecutive Million Dollar Award from Power-Sonic, renowned for its dominance in the sealed lead-acid battery industry for over half a century. This accolade not only reflects R&D Batteries' consistent excellence but also highlights the enduring partnership with a venerable industry leader. Fast-forward to the significant milestone of 2019, R&D Batteries marked a momentous occasion—the celebration of its 30th anniversary in the business. Three decades of dedicated service and commitment to providing superior battery solutions for various industries showcase the company's resilience and adaptability. This anniversary serves as a testament to R&D Batteries' enduring presence, expertise, and unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clientele.

"Pioneering Sustainability, ISO:13485, and Market Expansion" 2020-2023

In June 2020, R&D Batteries Inc., with 38 employees, took a significant step toward eco-friendly operations by upgrading its ERP to a cloud-based digital platform, reducing paper waste and improving response times. By December 2021, the company achieved ISO:13485:2016 certification, reinforcing its dedication to quality in existing and future endeavors. Simultaneously, R&D Batteries' broad range of SLA batteries became an industry standard. In August 2022, R&D embarked on a comprehensive website development initiative aimed at enhancing customer experience and expanding its presence in new markets. This effort culminated in the official launch of the new Ecommerce site in May 2023, marking a pivotal moment in the company's commitment to innovation and customer engagement.


Pictured left is the ISO completion ceremony, pictured right is an assortment of R&D SLA batteries.


Pictured left is R&D Batteries Inc. 35 year logo, pictured right is MDSAP participating countries.

"Looking Ahead" 2024-Beyond

Looking towards the future, R&D Batteries envisions a strategic roadmap that includes the completion of the MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) to uphold top-tier quality standards in the healthcare sector. Simultaneously, plans are in motion for the transition to a more expansive and technologically advanced 50,000 square foot facility, signaling a commitment to operational scalability and efficiency. As part of its forward-looking approach, R&D Batteries is poised to venture into new markets, aiming to broaden its customer base and gain valuable insights into diverse aspects of the battery industry. These initiatives collectively showcase R&D Batteries' dedication to innovation, compliance, and dynamic growth.