Welcome to the R&D Batteries, Inc. web site. At R&D Batteries, your privacy and the protection of your personal information is handled with great regard. The following information is in reference to how we use and manage information collected at our site.

Each time you visit the R&D Batteries web site, our server automatically recognizes and logs your IP address. An IP address is the address of the computer making a request to our web server. No personal information or detail is obtained in this data interchange.
Logged IP addresses are periodically reviewed. This information is not shared.
During a visit, we may ask for contact information. This information is collected only for the purpose of processing an online order.
The R&D Batteries web site contains links to other web sites. R&D Batteries does not control or take responsibility for personal information collected on these sites nor is R&D Batteries responsible for the accuracy or the content of these sites.
If you request a catalog or other information from R&D Batteries, your name, shipping/mailing address, telephone number, email address and fax number may be included in our customer file.

Use of Email Addresses
Email addresses will be used to communicate information of interest to you about R&D Batteries only when you request to be included in our newsletter, these addresses are used exclusively by R&D Batteries.
Email addresses that are submitted when placing an order will only be used for confirmations and shipment notifications or for communication from R&D Batteries that reference the individual order.
If you elect to receive Shipment Notifications in your Online Account options, you will receive an email whenever an order is processed and shipped to a facility related to your account, regardless if the order was placed online or through another process.
Email addresses are never rented, sold or traded to third parties.

Use of Other Customer Information
R&D Batteries is under contract to provide point of sale information to some of its product suppliers.
All order and customer specific information is kept confidential.
R&D Batteries will share customer information with Government Agencies if required by law.

Security Concerns
We realize that many people are concerned about the security of information communicated in an online environment. We have worked hard to make sure that the information you have access to cannot be accessed by anyone else.
Nothing has been more important in the development of this web site than the security of the site and access to the data available on this site. Below is a list of the extensive security measures that have been taken to safeguard access to this web site.

SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
This is the standard encryption method for securing data accessed through the Internet. If you have purchased airline tickets, ordered flowers or purchased anything else via the Internet, you are already familiar with SSL technology.

Data Encryption
All data that is transfered from our system to this server is highly encrypted. In fact, the data remains encrypted while being stored on this server. The data is only decrypted when it reaches your screen.

Case Sensitive Passwords
All passwords support a combination of upper and lower case characters. This feature increases the possible number of characters that are possible for any one password.

Locks and Limits
Our system has built in safeguards to detect brute-force attacks on our system. This means that if a user sitting at a computer exceeds our maximum number of attempts for access to the system, that user will be denied access to this system.

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time without prior notification.


All possible precautions are taken during retrofitting process; however, R&D Batteries cannot guarantee the effectiveness of circuit boards and other components of retrofits as they are not supplied by R&D Batteries. Credit will be issued for retrofits not working within a 30-day time frame. All retrofits carry a warranty with the exception of Li-Ion chemistry. Cutting open cases too many times can cause re-retrofitting battery to be of poor quality, cases/batteries that come in damaged or of poor quality will be rejected at the discretion of the supplier.