Philips AVALON FM20 M2702A Replacement Battery

Compatible Medical Replacement Battery for Philips AVALON M4605A


Technical Specifications

Stock Status
Voltage10.8 Volt
Capacity7.8 Ah
ChemistryLithium Ion
Warranty12 Months

Compatible Devices



OEM Part Number


Device Type


Compatible Model(s)

  • Philips Avalon FM20 M2702A 
  • Philips Avalon FM30 
  • Philips Avalon M2703A 
  • Philips Avalon MP20 
  • Philips Avalon M8001A 
  • Philips Avalon MP30 
  • Philips Avalon M8002A 
  • Philips Avalon MP40 
  • Philips Avalon M8003A 
  • Philips Avalon MP50 
  • Philips Avalon M8004A 
  • Philips Avalon MP5 
  • Philips Avalon M8105A 
  • Philips Avalon MP5SC
  • Philips Avalon M8105AH
  • Philips Avalon MP5T
  • Philips Avalon M8105AT
  • Philips Avalon MP60
  • Philips Avalon MP70
  • Philips Avalon M8005A
  • Philips Avalon MX400
  • Philips Avalon 866060
  • Philips Avalon MX450
  • Philips Avalon 866062
  • Philips Avalon MX500
  • Philips Avalon 866064
  • Philips Avalon MX550
  • Philips Avalon 866066

Cross Reference(s)

  • Fedco: DR202P
  • Interstate Batteries: MED5075, MED6035
  • OSI Batteries > Unipower: B11634
  • Philips: 989803135861, M4605A, M8003-64005, 01-02-0818

Product Description

The R&D Batteries Replacement Battery for Philips IntelliVue MP5 Patient Monitor–this cutting-edge replacement battery is crafted with precision to meet the exacting standards set by Philips, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and reliable performance for both critical patient and fetal monitoring scenarios.

Trust in the expertise of R&D Batteries to deliver a high-quality replacement medical battery that seamlessly aligns with the requirements of the Philips Medical Avalon FM20 Fetal Monitor Battery M4605A. With a focus on longevity, dependability, and compatibility, this replacement battery keeps your healthcare facility running smoothly.

Purchase the R&D Batteries Replacement Battery for Philips IntelliVue MP5, the trusted solution for maintaining the vitality of your patient and fetal monitoring equipment. Ensure continuous and accurate healthcare monitoring with the power you can rely on, available now for purchase to seamlessly replace your existing battery. Count on R&D Batteries for dependable performance that perfectly matches the needs of your Philips Medical Avalon FM20 Fetal Monitor Battery M4605A.



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