Alaris Medley 8000, 8015 Medication Safety System Replacement Battery

Compatible Replacement Battery for Alaris Medley 8000 & 8015 Medication Safety System


Technical Specifications

Stock Status
Device ManufacturerAlaris Medley
Device TypePatient Monitor
Voltage12 Volt
ChemistryNickel Metal Hydride
Warranty12 Months

Compatible Devices


Alaris Medley 

OEM Part Number

145997-101, TC10010669, 49000167 

Device Type

Patient Monitor 

Compatible Model(s)

  • BD Alaris PCU
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8000
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8015
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8100
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8110
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8220
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8300
  • CareFusion > Alaris 8600 

Cross Reference(s)

  • Alpha Source: AS11322AS35073
  • BD: 145997-101TC10010669TC10010920TC1001250649000167
  • Cameron Sino: CS-AMS812MD
  • CareFusion > Alaris: 145997-101TC1001066949000167
  • Interstate Batteries: MED0016AMED0016
  • OSI Medical Batteries: OM11322B11973
  • Cables & Sensors: 10891
  • Unipower: B11322

Product Description

Upgrade your Medley Medication Safety System with a top-tier Replacement Biomedical Battery, designed for compatibility with Alaris Medical Systems Inc. This high-powered, rechargeable NiMH battery facilitates the flawless operation of your healthcare equipment. With a robust nominal voltage of 12.0V and an impressive rated capacity of 4.2Ah, it provides enduring power to ensure efficient healthcare services. 

This replacement model seamlessly substitutes OEM Part 145997-101 and is compatible with a wide array of models including Medley 8000, 8015, 8100, 8110, 8220, 8300 and 8600 Medication Safety System devices; affording users expansive flexibility.

Manufactured with premium Panasonic HHR-450A cells, reliability and longevity are assured. Eases worries about emergency power drains or compromised performance. 

Experience uninterrupted medical support powered by secure technology courtesy of reliable manufacturers such as Alaris Medical Systems Inc., Cardinal Health, CareFusion & BD.

Voltage: Rechargeable NiMH Nominal Voltage:12v

Nominal Capacity:4.5Ah

Application: Compatible with various models.

OEM Part: Substitutes parts -   145997-101 | 49000167 | TC10010669 Rev 02 | BK-45A10U1A

Cells featured: Panasonic HHR-450A.

Choose this replacement battery to guarantee dependable power delivery for critical medical systems.



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